Sparky Our Basset Hound

D Vautier

In the beginning God made man.  Then He began making dogs; big dogs, small dogs, Dobermans, German Shepherds, collies, terriers, all kinds of dogs.  When God was all done He rested and said to himself “Good job dude.”  But the inventory angel was unhappy and complained that there still were some items left over in the dog part bin, so God, being thrifty and detail oriented, decided He had just enough parts for one more dog so He made a basset.

The ears were too big, the nose extremely large, and the feet were far too short and didn't fit right.  Besides the animal didn’t have quite enough brains so God gave him a bigger nose instead, and that's how the basset came to be.







Below is a collection of stories about Sparky, my son's little Basset Hound.


          The Changeling                    

A Great Tripping Machine



  What's in A Name?    

Sleep Sleep Sleep 

Greater Degrees of Ugliness



One Trick Dog 


Don't kick Sleeping Dogs 



How much is that Doggie in the Window




                         Little Stinkypoo


Like Dog Like Master 

Bladder stone


Thyroid incident

It's the Skin Stupid


The Nose Knows  



Sleeping positions