Anthony Michael Vautier


by Dominic Vautier


Anthony Michael Vautier of Fredericksburg, VA passed away on Thursday, February 18, 2016 at the age of 76.

Mike was born in Bellingham, WA on May 24, 1939 to parents George Jessup and Allegra Catherine O’Rourke Vautier. He was a US Army Veteran and served in Korea. Prior to retirement, Mike worked as a Construction Cost Engineer in different industries. He worked for Arabian American Oil Company (ARAMCO) in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia for several years. Upon his return to the US, he was a consultant with SC Myers on a variety of construction projects.

Mike was preceded in death by his parents and brothers, Dan and Frank, and sister Marie. Survivors include his wife of 36 years Dolores, daughters Terry, Nicole, Sherine, Wendy, Sarah, Nerissa and Andrea and sons Rodolfo and Raymond, several in-laws, his 17 grandchildren and a great grandson; brothers James and Dominic Vautier; and sister-in-law Faith Vautier.


Mike was my brother.  As a kid growing up I always remembered him as "Tony".  I greatly admired him because He seemed to display all the qualities that younger brothers admire in older brothers; smart as a tack, well read, intellectual, very social, a good poker player and liked girls. My most impressive early moment was when he came charging into the bedroom in 1950 and proclaimed "That jackass Truman just fired MacArthur."

But being a younger sibling I always felt that he was a spoiled child.  Mom seemed to allow him to get away with things that I could never have done  But then again he and my other older brother Frank tended to bond better, a bond that lasted all of their lives.  Not so with me. 

Mike was a special kid, often totally involved in activities.  He skipped the 2nd grade and graduated from grade school at a very young age, went to St. Martins High School in Olympia, WA for a year and joined the Signal Corps of the U.S. army on his 17th birthday.  After service he went to San Benito College in Hollister CA, got married and had two daughters.  That was around 1962.  I lost track of him for a number of years.  He told me he went to Saudi Arabia then returned to the states and settled down in VA.

Here are a collection of photographs from my collection.  

Mike grew up in Bellingham and later in Everett.  He was a beautiful child with long flowing blond hair that later turned jet black.

anthony michael vautier age 2   anthony michael vautier

anthony michael vautier one year old  anthony michael vautier

Here he is with his dad George Vautier

anthony michael vautier with dad

He appears in this first grade class picture from Immaculate Conception in Everett Wa. second row center.  He was tall for his age.

anthony michael vautier, 1st grade class immaculate conception everett



anthony michael vautier 8th grade

This was Mike from the 8th grade. 


Mike also took piano lesions at St, Dominic's Convent, Everett and was in a few recitals. 

St. Dominics to Have Recitals The junior and senior music students of St. DominIc's Convent will be presented In recital on May 2 and May 5, respectively. The junior recital was held on Tuesday at 2:80 pm In the convent parlor. The senior recital will be held on May 5 In Perpetual Help Parish Hall at 8:00 p.m. The following students will take part: Anna Marie Banky, Karey Bloomfield, Mary Lou Bloomfield, Patrick Bushey, David Camp, Mary Ellen Camp, Marilyn Duffy, Margaret Ann eckstrom, Mary Patricia eckstrom, Janice gabrio, Barbara gerdon, Joan Gerdon, Caryl Gidas, Patricia harbeck, Mary Ann helmcke, Diane Johnson, Elaine Johnson, Karen Johnson, Patricia Johnson. Pauline Krishano, Kay Lozean, Patty Matheny, Rose MeGhee, Kay Minnick, Joan Mobius, Sheila Morney, Nancy Parker, Carol Parker, Mary Rochon, Veronica Rochon, Diane Rogge, Lenore Rogge, Mary Ellen Ryan, Florence Schmid, Shirley Smith, David Stecher, Margaret Taro, Marjorie Townsend, Edward Way, Anthony Vautler, Janice Woodruff and Robert Zak.




anthony michael vautier army 1957         anthony michael vautier army 1959 Staff Sergeant


anthony michael vautier bus boy

anthony michael vautier pep squad

San Benito College, Hollister, CA

anthony michael vautier circle k men in san diego convention

anthony michael vautier circle k officer


anthony michael vautier newman club san bonito college fr. silvano girolame

anthony michael vautier scores in top percentile in CPA testing at san benito

EVeliNA ROBINSON and Michael Vautier have announced their engagement. Miss Robinson Engaged To M.Vautier Mr. and Mrs. Charles Robinson announced the engagement of their daughter, Evelina to Michael Vautier of Walla Walls, Washington. 	Miss Robinson is a graduate of San Benito county elementary schools and high school. She is now attending the local college. Her fiance is the son of Mr. and Mrs. George Vautier of Walla Walla. He attended school in Everett and Olympia, Washington and after a tour in the army, came to San Benito college to continue his schooling. He plans to attend San Jose State College after graduation. The engagement was announced at a dinner party May 12, in Gilroy. The party consisted of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Robinson, Miss Robinson and her fiance.

Mike was buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

Mens sana in corpore sano