Val's new motor scooter

            And things that go thump in the night.

by Dominic Vautier

My son Val has been working for me and Cyn all summer.  At the same time he has been begging and pleading relentlessly for a motor skooter, those little jobbies with the two-stroke gas engine that move along at about 15 mph.  Val has presented many cogent and convincing arguments for his case.

  1. All his friends have one.
  2. I won’t have to pick him up anymore
  3. He will be much nicer to us and eat healthy food and stuff
  4. He will keep his room cleaner
  5. He will not play his boom box as loud.
  6. He will only visit "educational" sites on the internet 

So a few days ago Cyn and I relented and got him a skooter, and I have had sticker shock ever since. 




And here's some action on the bike