Salesian Junior Seminary

part two

salesian junior seminary statue

by Dominic Vautier


This is a collection of the pictures that I did not include in my first Richmond page


Here is the new cafeteria almost complete - 1959.

salesian junior seminary new cafeteria 1959


This was taken in 1959 when the seniors went to work cleaning up Bonnie Doon.  From L to R, Remo Skagliotti, Rich Wanner, Pat Borrage, and Larry Mullaly.


A picture of the chapel at Richmond in 1957.

salesian junior seminary chapel 1957


Here I am in 1957.


This New desks for the study hall--1957


Here's me and one of my brothers during a visit.  the grotto is in the background.

 salesian junior seminary dominic vautier michael vautier in uniform.

salesian junior seminary dominic vautier michael vautier in uniform


In our sophomore year we went to the U of C field station --1957.


This is a fountain in Richmond Park.

Ron Epperson up a tree during a long hike in the Palo Alto hills.  I believe this is when I came down with some severe poison oak.


This is a double exposure.  it shows some aspirants in front of the new refectory.  It also shows the interior of the refectory.  It's a great shot, or shots.


Lunch during a typical feast day,


During one of our hikes we got to see a Sherman tank.



salesian junior seminary remo skagliotti finishing up a haircut.

Remo finishes up a haircut.


Ray Weber in Latin Class.