Dominic Vautier


Years experience


UNIX 12 Various platforms:  Sun Solaris, Hp, HPUX, plus several lesser-known varieties.
Programming languages 30 JAVA, C++, and limited C#. Latest applications included use of Object-Oriented techniques


10 Extensive knowledge of and experience.  I wrote several pre-compilers and a configuration control system.


20 Extensive COBOL knowledge.  Designed pre-compilers, optimizers, and analyzers as well as several COBOL to C converters.
Oracle forms, SQL PL/SQL 7 Most of the C and C++ interfaces use Oracle Database calls.  Oracle Forms requires knowledge of Oracle database and SQL.
C, C++  12 Extensive knowledge of and experience using MOTIF and Oracle interfaces.

IBM Assembler

10 Excellent knowledge of this mainframe language.  worked with precompilers, macros, system level code, interrupts, and svc's.


10 IMS is a legacy IBM data base system used extensively on older applications. Lead programmer for a number of IMS type applications.  Developed HDAM randomizers and tracking tools.  Was first to introduce conversational programming to Boeing in 1981.
DMR-P, P+, SEI/CMM 10 DMR is a management control system. Primary DMR-P and P+ focal on a number of Boeing projects:
Project Management 25 Familiarity with many of the project management tools currently in use in the industry, such as Microsoft Project.  Have managed projects with a number of users.
Oracle Database Administration 2 Developed many Oracle database systems using Forms 3 from 1995 and 1996.
Database Design 2 ORACLE database design done in last 10 years, on a number of projects.  Details available upon request.
HTML WEB development 1 Programming an design on the PART PAGE project,  first web page that could be used by customers for The Boeing Company.  An article about this successful project appeared in the Wall Street Journal in 1995.
Product Management 2 Met with vendors, set up software classes, did software evaluations, installs, and license management activities.
VM 2 VM is a legacy IBM platform, still in use by many companies.  I have worked with VM on and off over the last 20 years.  I have the ability to easily transition to this environment.
DB2 5 I have Several years of extensive development work on the Interactive Weight Reporting System at Boeing using IBM mainframe and DB2.

System Administration

3 Three year’s experience dealing with the installation and configuration of UNIX platforms, mostly Sun Solaris, as well as some HPUX.

WEB design tools

1/2 Recent training in Dreamweaver and Frontpage.  I constantly use these Frontpage.

Visual Basic

1/2 Recent training in Visual Basic.  I used it a few times.  General experience.


4 Used Motif on a number of applications involving C.