ZX2 transmission

TCC solenoid P1744 P0744 code

          D Vautier

When my son complained about his transmission slipping I took the car out for a spin and noticed it was not going into gear soon enough. There was also a trouble code P1744 which is described variously as a TCC problem. Rather than checking fundamental things I immediately assumed that the torque converter clutch solenoid (TCC) was stuck or inoperative. It is difficult to change transmission fluid on a 2000 ford escort zx2 because there are two engine mounting brackets in the way. The first bracket is the transverse one that blocks removal of the main bracket. it's held in place by four big bolts that are easy to remove. Once that is done the engine support bracket can be removed but the engine has two big bolts on the front and back and four smaller bolts that are attached to the mounts. The car has to be supported with jack stands and the engine with a smaller jack. Once the support bracket has been removed you have complete access all transmission pan bolts. if you don't remove these brackets you better have little fingers.

When you remove the transmission you will see two solenoids, a green one and the white one. I removed the green one which is identified as the TCC (torque converter clutch ) solenoid. I tested it's resistance at 240 ohms. I then put 12 volts across it repeatedly and it clicked. I also flushed it out and it seemed not to be the problem. I then did the same with the white solenoid which measured 20 ohms and clicked OK. I put everything back together and replaced the filter and oil. The car ran fine. I then cleared the error code and assumed that the cause of the P1744 may have been something else such as:

1. Low fluid level

2. Old fluid. they recommend Dextron III or IV or V.

3. Metal particles that may have jammed the TCC solenoid.

After all any of these conditions would set up a TCC failure.

Just a word of caution. When you measure transmission levels it is impossible to re-measure immediately after adding. What I mean is when you measure with car level and engine on in park the first reading is correct. When you add fluid you have to wait an hour or so to re-measure because fluid is in the tube and will give you a high reading and you will panic or assumed you overfilled.




Here is a closeup picture of the green TCC selonoid.  it measured 240 ohms and clicked when 12 volts were applied.




Another picture of the transmission showing the green and white solenoids.

Another picture.