Briggs & Stratton

Replacing Throttle Plate

          D Vautier

I get a roto-tiller with a Briggs 137202-1134E1 engine that had some things broken.  Most important was a missing throttle plate which caused it to run full bore all the time.  When I disassembled the carburetor I also installed all new gaskets, replaced some missing springs and linkages and adjusted the idle.

But it took several attempts and a lot of patience before I was successful at getting the throttle plate into the correct position.  The plate is wider than the opening except on two shoulders and can only fit in one way or it gets seriously jammed.  A close inspection of the plate below shows the two shoulders which are slightly smaller than the tube and are also flattened.  So it became necessary to tape a wire to the surface of the plate at an angle and then I was able to slide it into the throttle shaft with the two shoulders clearing the side walls.  Next it was necessary to tape the plate locking screw to the blade of a screw driver and get the plate attached, no simple thing. The plate will never be flush with the surface of the carburetor throat because when it is fully shut it still rests at an angle.



Here is the throttle plate for the Briggs 137202-1134E1 engine. The two flat sides are by the holes.  I attached the mounting screw with tape to the end of a screwdriver... 


I removed the mounting bolts for the power steering unit which allows the hose to be moved back.

this video kind of shows what the plate looks like after installation.  This video is another view of the throttle.