Ford Focus Blower Repair

D Vautier

And I think it's gonna' be alright
Yes the worst is over now 
The morning sun is shining
like a red rubber ball.


The new world order does not lend itself to repairing broken things any more. In this case it was my daughter's blower motor for her 2003 Ford Focus.

I checked fuse F64 under the hood.  It was good.  I checked the 4 positions and they were all dead.  If it's a bad resister position 4 will activate the fan.  The only thing left was the motor.  Follow web directions to get it out.  It is made of light plastic.  The squirrel cage turned freely and the bearings looked to be in excellent shape.  So I pried off the cover which revealed a set of completely warn out spring loaded brushes.  the commutator was totally ruined so I had to get a new blower.  If you just have frozen bearings it's easy to get them free with oil and save your motor.

Remove the passenger seat to replace the blower.  Otherwise it is impossible to do unless you are a pretzel.   



The plastic cover easily comes off

Frozen bearings can be worked free.



There's no saving this motor.  the brushes are wore out and the commutator is a mess.