The Minimalist
Entertainment Center

I never was cut out
to step and strut out
give me the simple life

     Rosemary Clooney 

D Vautier


So after years of struggling with our old TV, changing all the wires and connections each time for Amazon, Netflix, cable, CD etc., I decided to get rid of all the subwoofers and laptops and extra cables laying around the floor and go minimalist.  I eliminated most everything and came away with the cable box, a DVD player and a laptop.

I removed one drawer from  the dresser completely. This allowed me to install the cable box and the DVD player on one side and a sliding shelf on the other side for the laptop.  The ideal width is about 33 inches because most cable boxes and laptops are 15 inches wide.


When the laptop is out it does not interfere with the picture.  Also there is room under the shelf to have a mouse.

You can get drawer sliders from just about any hardware store.  I used 14 inch sliders which was quite adequate.






Cables are kept at an absolute minimum with two HDMI and the 5 component cables. I did allow the luxury of a cell phone charging station.




There are of course the unsightly cable and internet wire which can be hidden in a plastic sleeve.