Moses Lake

D Vautier

In the sweltering swath of land just east of the Columbia Gorge lies Moses Lake, an unassuming and benign bit of unremarkable real estate, active, yet serene in its complacency.  But for a meager population of around 10,000, you can find a Safeway, a Wal-Mart, a movie house, and even a Goodwill.  What could be better!  Throw in the usual Texaco's, McDonalds, and miscellaneous Dairy Queens and it begins to appear like a place which is livable, or at least vacationable.

I always liked the big blue lake, and after countless trips east of the mountains, I decided to give the place a perhaps once-in-a-lifetime vacation shot.  Besides where else could you get a motel with three queens, refrig, micro, and range, all for 50 bucks a night?  And they even allowed dogs.  Now that ain't bad, mon amie


We came in on a Sunday, and spent the next day at the Aquatic Center (and we all got seriously sunburned).

They have two huge water slides as well as lots of fun other stuff for the kiddies.  The temperature was over 100 degrees and it was actually a relief to get in the water.

Here's Gabe on the 3 meter board

The next day we decided to stay out of the sun and check out Potholes Reservoir.  It's a vast area of desert, worthless sagebrush, rattlesnakes, high mesas, basaltic columns, and marshland.  Our dog Phoebus enjoyed swimming in the marshes most of all, especially with the 100 degree temperature.

All this time we drove the gravel roads.  We passed only a few other trucks the whole time.

Gabe climbed up one of the mesas.

On the way home Phoebus wanted to help with the driving. He also wanted to help Gabe eat his lunch.