Lake Hills Village Apartments

D Vautier

The Lakehills Village is going through some expansion.  This is in addition to the newly constructed library and office building completed last year.  The addition will consist of a bunch of new business and office space and 90 new apartments or condos.  Here is what I know so far.

1.  Four new mixed-use business buildings with about 60,000 sf.

2.  Ready to open by September Sept 2013.

3.  90 planned residence apartments/condos.

4.  Underground parking

Here is the artist rendition of what looks like the F building.  He forgot to include the three story apartment buildings that would appear in the background.


Here is a layout of the new buildings.  The apartments appear around the edges and probably are three story structures.  There are two single lane roads next to Lake Hills Village with a single four way stop.  The city has no plans to widen the roads or put in traffic lights.  We are in for some major congestion.

The drawing shows nine apartment buildings each with ten units.  That would probably be four on each floor.

The hill has a number of underground streams that feed Kelsey Creek and run through Lake Hills Village.  Long before Lake Hills was developed there was a lake in this spot.