French Doors

By Dominic Vautier

I have no idea what it is about my wife's obsession with French doors?  Maybe it's because she speaks French or likes revolution?  If she had her way, our entire house would consist of a roof surrounded by doors--French doors.  Let's see.  We have French doors in her office, French doors in our bedroom, and now just lately, three sets of them in the living room.  I'm not trying to say it isn't a good idea to let in lots of sunlight.  The doors are not much more expensive than big windows anyway, but I'm afraid that we may all become French.  Parlez vous forgslegs?

So here is what happened to our living room.  


In this view we have a nice peaceful quiet living room with a window that was about 42 years old (it came with the house), and a somewhat newer sliding glass door on the north side.





And out goes the real old window (not that I much liked it), and out goes the not so old sliding door, leaving a mahogany 4x4 (yes I said mahogany)


Hmmm.  Lets see what we got here.  Let's take out a little more wall.  OK. 




Looking better now.  Lots of open space.  Just leave it that way.


One door in.  Two to go.  By the way, these are heavy, heavy doors.




Got one more in.
All three in!  What a deal.