On Flappers

Jesus loves you more than you will know
               Ms. Robinson - Simon & Garfunkel

D Vautier

We have four toilets so I'm quite familiar with how they work.  The tank is the only complicated part consisting of a fill valve and a flush valve.  That's about as simple as it gets other than leaks and sticking handles.  Toilets have been around a long time and the engineering by now should be perfect.  Not so.

For the last few months one of our toilets got haunted and would mysteriously start flushing once in a while.  No dogs or cats or little kids.  No chain or debris blocking the flapper.  No sticky handle.  I changed the flapper.  Still haunted.  I changed the entire flush valve assembly.  Still haunted.  I then examined the flapper and found that it was incorrectly seating every so often because the arms were made of soft rubber and the connection had a lot of free play.  So I installed a flapper that had plastic arms which eliminated incorrect seating.  The ghost went away.


As you can see from the flapper the seating was not regular every time.