Francis Carl Rudie


 Dominic Vautier
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Frank was my father-in-law.  He was of a kind and congenial nature and always loved to play with our children.  He had been married twice to my mother-in-law Rachel Lenore Brinton, but they had parted ways some years before.  He remarried Elsie K Rudie.

In casual conversation one day I asked him what he did during the war.  He answered that he was stationed at Port Moresby.  I was very impressed, in fact very interested.  Anyone familiar with the war knows what went on at Port Moresby but he could not talk much about it because it was so bad.

I always will remember him as a loving and generous man.  


This was taken about 1951 of Frank with his two daughters, Criss is sitting in her father's lap, next to her older sister Cynthia Rudie (later Cynthia Vautier).

frank rudie with his two daughters chris rudie and cynthia rudie.

Here is a picture of frank when he was stationed at Port Moresby in 1943.  It was a hard tour.

frank rudie serving with the US Army at Port Moresby during the war