Christine May Rudie


 Dominic Vautier
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Chris was my sister-in-law.  She lived with her longtime boyfriend Don Kechely in Hamilton, Montana and they were married in 2007.  He died soon after in 2012.  Chris also died three years later on October 13, just a few hours before we arrived in Hamilton to see her.  She was suffering terribly from colon cancer.

Chris came into this world on December 25, probably the worst day of the year to be born.  I often said that there should be a law against babies being born on Christmas.

Her remains were laid to rest alongside her husband at Montana Veterans Cemetery, Missoula.

She is survived by her mother Rachel Lenore Brinton, her sister Cynthia Landon Vautier, and a nephew and niece, Gabriel Ross Cofield and Fiona Cofield.

In this photo taken about 1951, Criss is sitting in her father's lap, Frank Rudie, next to her older sister Cynthia Rudie.