Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war


D Vautier


Pumpkin is our one normal dog--but I'm not sure what it means by normal because that is the standard that everybody may be comfortable with.  If "normal" is a measure of comfort than I'm more confused than ever because Pumpkin can be anything but comfortable some times.

She looks and acts just like a Vizsla should act but that's about where it ends.  She is high energy, nervous, and gets the shakes and runs away every time I use the skill saw, every time the garbage truck comes around and every time she hears anything resembling a noise.  These dogs are supposed to be accustomed to gunshots and noises because they are retrievers by nature, bread through a long line of gene selection to develop the qualities best suited for retrievers.  Somewhere along the line Pumpkin missed a gene or two.