Two Dishwashers?

D. Vautier
updated 3/17

So what's the big deal about having two dishwashers.  Is it some kind of a status symbol?  Not at all and I'm the last one in the world to have status symbols.  I think the main advantage is that it saves a lot of time.  I resisted the idea for many years until we went with a different garbage collector and no longer needed to use our compactor.  The compactor was 18 inches wide and soon became a total waste of space.  Besides our daughter liked to keep her dishes separate so I got a smaller 18 inch dishwasher for her.

Removing the compactor was the hardest part because it had been put in before I installed a hardwood floor in the kitchen.  It was too big and was very heavy.  I had to cut it in half to get the ugly thing out.  The new dishwasher was an easy install.

The power box was convenient and the island was on it's own circuit.  I did have to solder together a double drain pipe but everything else was easy.  It is important to keep the drain hoses above sink level to avoid backup.