My Ranger Canapé

D vautier

When my family got older I unloaded my big Ford Econoline van and got the '95 Ranger extended cab.  I picked up a jump seat from our favorite place of business (ebay of course) and decided that my significant other and my youngest would do just fine on trips with this fine (sort of new) Ranger.

But what about the dogs?

So we just had to get a canapé and I began looking around.  Used Ranger canapés are about as scarce as hen's teeth and you can't find them laying around used anywhere so I decided I had to buy a new one.  I checked all over Washington State and the best price to be found in Tacoma was around $1300, a bit too steep for even my extravert budget.

Suddenly I remembered Gem Top, a little factory in Clackamas Oregon where I used to live.  I gave them a call and they could make me up a fine canapé to match my truck for $600.  You got a deal!  So I ordered one and had it in two weeks.  Even got a chance to visit my sister while I was in Portland.  


Nice latches on this baby.


Don't like the clamps.  Should have gotten the bolts instead.


Our Two Vizslas like it just fine.