The perfect bed frame

            Dominic Vautier

My youngest son used his Spanish style bed frame like a table because the headboard and footboard had lots of room for glasses and radios and iPods and whatever, all of which can spill or fall or disappear in areas unknown. 

I also needed to get one that was more robust since my son is on the wrestling team at school and sometimes he is given to practicing his skills on the bed.

Your typical queen bed (60" x 80") is not designed too well for wrestling.  The slats can break and the rails sometimes have a tendency to collapse, crushing all the dirty socks and underwear under the bed. 


So I decided to sell the bed frame and get a more modest and stronger one--especially one designed for this rambunctious teenager.

But alas, my searches were in vain.  There was nothing that was anywhere or at any price exactly what I wanted.  So I decided to build my own--ahhhhhhh!.

I got a bunch of 8ft 2/4s and two 3/4" 4x8  plywood sheets.  I used wood screws throughout.  I put four 12" legs, conveniently back out of the way of toes.  The thing weigh a lot but total cost was less than $60.  This bed frame eliminates the box spring (which is not a spring--just a box anyway).  My son tested out the new bed frame to his delight and rare satisfaction.

One small step for a man.  One giant leap for wrestling teenagers.