My Hanging Lamp Base

D Vautier 6/2014

Some time ago we put up a group of hanging lamps and I kind of strung them up with hooks the way my wife wanted.  The grouping looked OK but the way it was attached to the ceiling left much to be desired.  So I decided one day that the only thing to do in order to get the lamps in the right position and at the right length was to build a custom base.

I measured the distance between each wire and marked out a design on 5/8th plywood.  I then cut out a pattern and sanded the edges.  Using a router I went around the edge with a 1/4 inch cove cutter bit.  Eventually we decided on soft yellow paint with a purple accent.  Believe me you can't buy these things. You have to make them.

Here are my lamps hanging from hooks.  Ugly!!


So I got some measurements and cut out a peace of 5/8th plywood.  Then I sanded the edges.

Next I cut out a cove on the edge.

I then cut grooves in the back for wires, painted it and mounted the lamps.  Looks much better.