Possible way to fix a warped Vinyl Record

So you can digitize it and save the copy
kind of flakey really

Dominic Vautier

I have some really good vinyl records that are warped a bit.  There are a number of techniques available on the web you can try but I never found that any of these work.  Certainly they will get the record flat but destroy it at the same time.  The method most commonly suggested is is to use two pieces of glass and bake your record for a short time at 200 degrees then put it in the refrigerator to set the vinyl flat.  This technique will make the record flat but will render it unplayable, so if you have a valuable record don't even think about baking it.

All I need most of the time is one good digitized copy of some of my vinyl records.  The older heaver 190 gram vinyls never warp but the newer 90 gram ones do. 

There are several ways a record can be warped.  If it is just convex warp you can put something over the spindle.  But then you have to record the other side.  So here is what I found worked.

For a convex warp just put something over the spindle.  This forces the record to lie flat.  In this case I used a small vice grip.  Works fine if its an even convex warp.


In the case of concave records or records that have a bulge you need a TT that is at least as big as the record.  I began by selecting a .052 inch drill.  this size is just a little larger than the wire used in a paper clip. 


Next I removed my platter and drilled several very small holes along the side.  These holes are so small that they do not effect the balance. I put some marks above the holes to identify them.

Next I designed some clips using paper clip wire to hold the warped area of the record down.  These clips have to be close to the record so they clear the mount.  you also need to make them small enough not to interfere with the stylus.


Here is a picture of one of the clips in place.  This one is too big to allow you to play the first track.  But if you make them flatter and smaller they will allow playing the first track.

Increase tracking pressure a bit.  I went to 1 1/2 grams which is max for my stylus and it tracked all the record well except for the first track.