The Arcane Arts

And time future contained in time past
                                  T S Eliot

D Vautier

When I was in college I became a Tarot reader probably just for the fun of it and to have a good excuse to meet girls.  Girls loved to have their fortunes told.  Maybe we all do? I was a pretty good Tarot reader besides and it came natural.  I liked to use the complete classical Marseilles deck with all its weird meanings and configurations. 

Eventually for me readings required a tremendous amount of energy and concentration.  It may be called soul stuff or something spiritual or whatever but I stopped reading because it actually got way too scary and exhausting.  It wasn’t because of all the real bad cards in a full Tarot deck that readers will take out like the ten of swords thing (death) but I believed playing with the full Tarot deck was the only real way to do it properly so I kept all the bad cards like the eight and ten of swords.  After all if I came up a bad hand I could always start over.  People want to hear good things and if they have a bad future, so be it but the bad future won’t come from my reading.  It was easy to recognize a bad hand and if I was to read for somebody I was not going to read a bad future.  There is something weird to this business of Tarot reading but it freaked me out too much so I stopped reading.

Do I believe n this stuff.  Not really but I need to tell you a story about something strange that happened to me.  My first wife who was quite given to mysticism, used to drag me to these phony psychic reader shows and I was never taken in by it because I could spot phonies right away and they even seemed to know it.

My kids were in dog 4-H and it was probably during the summer 1981 when I was taking them with their dogs out to the King County Fair just about every day while the fair was going on.  The show lasted a week and I usually hung around and drank coffee and watched pig races and horse tricks.  It was then that I spotted an old beat up trailer with a simple sign ‘Fortunes Told $5.00’.  Curious I poked my head inside and I could sense, feel and smell the strangeness of this place.  It was really real and for the first time in my life I looked into the eyes of a true fortune teller.  Wow!  This was so so cool.  Inside sat an old wrinkled up Indian lady who was every bit the part.

In 1981 five dollars was not a small amount but I reached into my wallet without hesitation and handed the money to her and she began to tell me my future.  She told me things that nobody else knew and I was astonished, like how many kids I had and how many more I wanted how any more a would have and what kind of music I liked.  She said that my marriage was a mess and that I would soon divorce and my next wife would be a true soul mate and that I would achieve true happiness and have another son.  At that time I could not accept what she said and I left in complete confusion forgetting the entire experience.  The next year the woman was gone but it all came true.