The Old Apple Tree

by Dominic Vautier
posted 2005
updated 11/2015

Cyn decided to move the old apple tree because she needed the space for another tree.  I begged, pleaded, beseeched, cajoled her but she was resolute.  It was the wrong time to move a tree I said.  Besides I liked the tree right where it was.  It would surely die.  It's too beg to move etc., etc.  Still she was determined to move the tree.




On Friday we got 4 guys together and rented a truck for the move.  Three of us lifted the root ball into the truck while Jason handled the trunk end and....opps
"Well it's only a window.  No biggie".  "See I can even put my hand through it.  and besides that, it stabilizes the trunk.  see."
The tree's trip to its new happy home had me laughing because every motorist, pedestrian, and passerby was rubbernecking, gawking and staring with open mouths and utter amazement.

Today, many years later, the tree is alive and produces many apple pies.