Carthago Dedinda est
Carthage must be destroyed was a popular saying in 2nd century BC Rome.

D Vautier

Cyn and I went to Washington DC.  We wanted to do two things; see the constitution and visit the Lincoln Memorial.  Another more tenuous goal was to walk from the Archives building to the Memorial which we did without too much trouble.  I was impressed by all the big stone buildings and the richness of this city which doesn't produce anything except government.

Our flight took us into BWI and we booked a hotel in Laurel, MD not far from Fort Meade.  We spent a few days at the fort attending the Bradley Manning trial.  Got to talk to the attorneys.  Very hot and muggy.

Then we had a day in DC.  



From our hotel it was a short drive to the Greenbelt metro station.   


Like I say there's a lot of big stone buildings all over this place.  Here is the Archives Building.

And me in front of the Lincoln  

And inside the Lincoln

And Cyn outside

And the Washington Monument.  Some of the tiles got cracked during a recent earthquake so it's got scaffolding around it.

Everybody was quite friendly.  If you want to know anything about this place it's all on the web.